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TPE injection products lack luster solutions

TPE injection products lackluster for this phenomenon, here are nine of its causes and solutions.
(1) Material poor thermal stability, thermal decomposition
     Problem Solution: should be used in good thermal stability, good gloss material or adding heat stabilizers in the material.
(2) injection speed too fast for too long can cause the material residence time decreased surface gloss products
     Problem Solution: injection rate should be lowered to reduce the residence time.
(3) The cylinder temperature is low, the nozzle temperature is too low will lead to decreased surface gloss of articles
     Problem Solution: nozzle temperature should be increased to improve the melt temperature.
(4) the mold surface finish is poor, so that products Matte
     Solutions to problems should choose carbon tool steel, carefully polished mold surface, improve the mold surface finish.
(5) mold temperature is too low, the cooling rate is too fast, when the melt is still filling in the cavity wall to form a hard shell, the shell by a variety of force, so that it becomes muddy white, lower article surface gloss
     Problem Solution: It should improve the mold surface temperature, reducing the cooling rate or the use of local heating and other measures in the mold at the gate.
(6) the use of excessive mold release agents, but also make the product surface such defects
     Problem Solution: You should try to do, or use a small amount of mold release agents, apply evenly.
(7) when the back pressure excessively small plasticizing plastics materials uneven material mixed with a colorant bad result in an uneven surface of the product color,
     Problem Solution: It should be appropriate to increase the back pressure.
(8) material mixed with impurities without drying also make the product surface gloss drop
     Problem Solution: should the idea to remove impurities, fully dry materials, additional hopper dryer if necessary.
(9) runner, gate size is too small, poor exhaust products can also cause bad surface gloss
     Problem Solution: You should increase the flow channel, gate size, an additional exhaust ducts.