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TPE product processing FAQ

Generating lines of the TPE product processing reasons:
The first point is TPE moisture content, mixing uneven,
The second point is that when the injection of air entrainment, additives or excessive release agent.
1. Strengthen the back pressure
2. Note the speed slows down
3. Increase mold temperature
4. Clean the barrel
5. gate location change
6. To extend the runner and gate
7. drying material
TPE cartridge cleaning method
1. Screw or injection cleaning machine usually direct refueling method.
2. Transition refueling cleaning method.
To save TPE materials will minimize the amount of plastic head, now make the following procedures and washing machine codes.
I. beer sufficient in quantity, forwarding mode, be sure to shut down before the hopper, the TPE material within the beer barrel finish, straight beer can not back feed to screw up
Two when changing TPE material Always clean the barrel of material to dig.
III. Outlet, defective and can not be recycled plastic head must separate installation.
Four. Beer black or dark gray plastic material shot put empty plastic pressure is small, mash, available together on inlet recycling.
V. keep seats clean and sanitary, try not to fall into the machine at the end outlet and defective, ground, mixed, contaminated.
Six before opening beer will die surface oil, anti-rust oil wipe clean, avoid defective contaminated lead can not be recycled.
Seven before the first washing machine more than expected in the hopper clean of dust, and then washing machine cleaning materials screw barrel, screw cleaning agent or detergent is added if necessary. Nearly complete before cleaning the barrel temperature to avoid continued gradual reduction can not back feed material within the screw barrel charred and melted into liquid again lead to open when beer.
Eight. You can use the white and transparent PP for cleaning.
Nine. Generally beer after beer next turn gray white, black are not washing machine.
X. beer TPE down no more than 15 minutes, do not shoot again when empty plastic beer. The beer-melt glue raised about finished with glue, shot three times to open the empty plastic beer beer at trial.