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TPE foam products will be the future trend

TPE foam will be one of the subsequent development. Foaming TPE products processing technology provides lightweight, cushioning, strength performance. We see the most current applications are mainly foaming TPE TPE yoga mat, TPE handles and so on.
(A) micro injection processing technology
Improve the acoustic performance of TPE products, achieve matt interior parts of, helps to reduce driver fatigue and improve visual vehicle occupant harmony. MuCell injection micro processing technology in recent years, technological innovation is environmentally friendly green technology, unlike the foaming reaction, the main use of physical media, such as super-critical CO2, foam micro bubble nucleation. Micro-foam parts lighter, less residual pressure, dimensional accuracy and excellent dimensional stability, low material consumption, shorter cycle times, used in TPE products, reduce the density and improve the absorbent article and vibration and noise attenuation capacity. Japan's Mazda Motor Corporation to develop a supercritical fluid (SCF) foam technology with the core back expansion molding process combine to make the car lighter, to reduce resin consumption, increase its saving rate up to 30%.
(B) extrusion foaming process technology
TPE extruded foamed material excellent in both characteristics of the thermoplastic elastomer and foamed plastic has, can effect can absorb impact energy and vibration energy of the seat, headrest and other products, to improve the comfort of the human body and reduce the collision ride damage. TPE due to poor melt strength and other reasons difficult to be processed into a foam-class products, Beijing University of Chemical Technology Lin Feng Gang and Court will study the amount of blowing agents, nucleating agent type and amount of crosslinking agent, and processing parameters, the structure of the screw extrusion process for preparing TPE foam extrusion affect the performance of TPE foam products for the realization of the applications of science and technology. Currently, TPE foam material in automotive applications is still in its initial stage, to be application development, such as TPE foam material used as isolation pads, can under the premise of high speed, lower power effect wheels and the road, improving comfort and safe performance. TPE foam sponge-like water in a foreign country has been developed to become in the future to replace the production of sponge rubber automotive sealing a new trend.