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High transparent market TPE agglomeration approach

High market transparency TPE why often easy to agglomerate, once agglomeration is difficult to deal with, usually choose to re-melted recycling, or minced into minced machine inside would be re-used, then many customers are in questioned, especially where some clients who came injection, and some just do switch from hard plastic soft client, every time I would explain it to them to listen to this principle.
1: Here tpe agglomeration is mainly because many oil-filled material itself, but only in order to achieve 0A more oil-filled, oil-filled much of the material will be more sticky, slippery agent plus the effect will be better. Either the material produced on the first cool for a while, so that the particles fully dispersed.
2: Only add a release agent to solve, SEBS itself is easy to agglomerate, high hardness is so small amount of anti-seize compound formulations, anti-blocking agent will migrate to the surface of the particles, so that the particles do not agglomerate surface. but did not affect the transparency and the use of viscous products (low molecular weight more easily caking)
3: The first blower, then shaker, then do not fill the package, there is no temperature reperfusion!
4: Depending on the circumstances, the following solution:
(1) underwater pelletizer, TPE TPE dedicated releasing agent is granulated when it is added to the inside of the pool, is to prevent the pellets from sticking together, the ratio of added pool size. (Water ring pelletizing yo key)
(2) If the product is a hit you can add some sticky slippery agent.
5: In addition to the cooling device after the package, there is no particular way, especially transparent.
6: 0 degrees below the expected, that the use of the additive treatment, more than three months, or will tend to agglomerate material is generally 40 degrees below have lumps.
7: solved.
(1) so that the pellets to cool completely.
(2) mixed with a transparent zinc stearate.