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TPE is the best soft contact and covering materials

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer in all the physical properties and hardness most easily formulated customizable varieties, TPE is widely used in various industries, in the field of soft-touch contact, TPE or soft contact to be the best coating material.
Many applications, particularly frequent contact with human skin parts, coating materials require a certain flexibility (soft touch) and low hardness, and therefore the market for both high flexibility and good adhesion of the novel thermoplastic elastomer body TPE demand is growing.
By overmolding technology, the thermoplastic elastomer TPE and rigid substrate complex, not only can make the product surface is full of soft-touch, can also increase the functionality and value-added products, such as noise, vibration, waterproof, anti-collision, anti-skid, comfort and so on. General experience outstanding TPE manufacturer can provide different grades of TPE with mixing performance can be correspondingly with ABS, PC, PC / ABS, PBT, PET, PA, PP, PE, PS and other substrates to achieve excellent stick coating pick. Meanwhile TPE has excellent weather resistance and low temperature performance, processing, thermoplastic elastomer TPE double injection to meet or secondary injection overmolding technology requirements.
TPE Pros: good bonding effect, can be used for rapid injection molding, good liquidity, soft, non-slip, shock, comfortable, weather resistance, good chemical resistance, resistance to deformation, a wide range of hardness, easy to color, easy processing .