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On the TPE / TPR elastomer automated production envisaged future

TPE as a thermoplastic material, compared to rubber in terms of the degree of automation will certainly be higher.
A substantial increase in labor productivity. That is the unit of time can produce more products, each labor inputs to create a higher value, and can be freed from routine laborer manual labor instead engage in more creative work; must cut water mouth trimming and other work can be done with a mechanical arm, a human can be used to check the quality.
Second, significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Machine automated assembly beats very short, high productivity can be achieved, while the machine can operate continuously, thus under conditions of mass production can significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Mechanical arm will not casually lazy and do not work, but also endlessly leave.
Third, the product quality is highly repeatable, consistent, can significantly reduce the failure rate; robotic arm used in each process are exactly the same time, reducing the problems caused due to human factors resulting in the production of varying duration and the like.
Fourth, shorten the manufacturing cycle, reducing the number of products. Machine automation products shorten the manufacturing cycle, enabling enterprises to achieve rapid delivery, and improving competitiveness in the market, but also can reduce the amount of raw materials and products, reduce the cost of liquidity;
Fifth, high precision products. On machinery and equipment using a variety of high-precision guidance, positioning, feeding, adjusting, testing, visual systems or components, can guarantee the production of high-precision product assembly;
Six, under the harmful and dangerous environment to replace the manual operation; it also saved a part of human Insurance
By seven, some cases can only rely on automated production machines. At present, more and more products on the market of small, miniaturization, dramatically reducing the size of the parts, the rapid development of a variety of micro-electromechanical systems, manufacturing and assembly of these micro-institutions, micro-sensors, micro-actuators and other products can only rely on machine to achieve.